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About Us

US Navy Veteran Turned eComm Google Ads Addict Spending $1.5m/mo Profitably

My name is Collin and I am on a mission to profitably manage over $5,000,000/mo in ad spend. As a certified Google Partner I am more than qualified to manage your PPC ads. How did I get here?

During my 2nd deployment to Afghanistan, I found Keval from Inbound Pursuit, a local SEO guy in Baltimore (where I was stationed), and he took me under his wing to teach me how to properly do search engine optimization in 2019.

During this time I also found my true obsession, paid traffic via Google AdWords.

Since fall of 2019, I have religiously studied and obsessed about the world of Pay-Per-Click marketing, and diving all in on the Google Ads platform (Facebook? Yuck).

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Marketing Wiz Obsessed With Bringing The Midas Touch To Every Brand He Works On

Started my online journey at 14 selling CPA affiliate offers

By 16 I ran a million+ reach instagram follower network across hundreds of accounts and opened up an Instagram marketing agency with large clients

Around the same time, I hosted shows alongside 3 others for Tony Robbins & TD Jakes

By 17 I Dropped out of university and flew to Pakistan to create Shopify apps, SaaS products, eCom Stores, and manage multiple clients One of my SaaS products was endorsed by Tony Robbins

By 21 Owned an office and ran this ecosystem of about 75 employees

Left all that behind and started fresh in 2020 and created an eCom Ecosystem for helping people reach financial freedom

Now at 22, I run a marketing ecosystem that includes a community of 2.4k paying members, AI based SaaS products, and Google Ads agency.

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Our 5-Step Process To

Ensure Your eCommerce Brand Ranks In The Top Google Searches

Stop hoping that your social media ads will convert. Once we deploy our proven Google Ads model your brand will rank at the top of the searches related to your niche. We focus on targeting interested traffic, hell-bent on finding a solution for their problems and place your product right under their noses.

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Step 1

Account Check-Up

Schedule a live audit & strategy analysis. We will take a live look into your account to identify hidden opportunities and different paths to scale.

Step 2

Branding Alignment

Our easy onboarding process ensures the transition of PPC management is smooth and clearly communicated. We must fully understand our customer avatar to properly target the Google Ads machine. We then conduct Competitor Analysis & Review to ensure our Unique Selling Proposition so you can take on the competition.

Step 3

Foundational Success

‍Complete website review to improve conversion rates across all channels. Review past data & ensure Google Analytics, install Google Tag Manager, and, build a suspension-proof Google Merchant Center account. We then setup your Shopify dynamic remarketing & review product data. This allows us to optimize your product data to increase algorithm success.

Step 4

Strategy Implementation & Campaign(s) Creation

We create personalized strategies to meet your performance goals by conducting Keyword Research to reach the target market. We then create all campaigns necessary to reach our performance goals search, display, shopping, video, discovery, local & re-marketing.

Step 5

Testing & Optimization

We perform daily data reviews and provide you weekly updates on how you campaigns are performing. Once we discuss the direction we are taking your campaigns we will make adjustments to your campaigns each week to ensure they remain on track.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

But We Love When Our Clients Have Something Nice To Say

Check out some of the top clients I have helped rank at the top of Google searches.

"Collin has been the main source of Google ads value in our community of 2400 paying monthly marketers. I knew his knowledge was amazing so I began recommending my friends to him as well as used him for my own store. I’ve never seen someone as diligent and efficient as Collin, the results were spectacular, the journey has been phenomenal”

Wiz of Ecom

“Google Ads expertise isn't around every corner. Sure, you can get someone to set it up - you could even get a few different campaigns together that profit your business. Collin does that and more: get the most efficient use of every advertising dollar with a clear plan for success, coupled with strong communication. If you're trying to decide whether to spend the money or not: do it. Collin won't disappoint you.”

Michael Higgins
HD Enterprises

“Collin's work is exceptional. I hired him to help a client who needed to promote their online store, but had never used digital adverts before. Collin immediately knew what questions to ask to find out what the desired outcomes were and to set it up appropriately. The results exceeded expectations and generated profit within the very first month - needless to say, the client was ecstatic and it's all down to Collin's expertise and professionalism.”

Rich White
Crosshairs Marketing

“Collin is the real deal, I’ve talked to 3 "ad experts" in the last couple of weeks that rubbed me the wrong way, and didn't know what they were talking about. Collin was able to take one look at our account and show me not one but 5 areas of untapped revenue opportunities we could capitalize on. The best part was is that he was equally excited as I was on growing our store’s revenue, as a business owner that’s very hard to find. If you want to squeeze out every penny of your ads and team up with someone who cares Collin is your guy.”

Cole Haring
Texas Howlers

"Extremely grateful and fortunate to have been in touch with Collin to get an in-depth and first-hand understanding of how we can improve our Google Ads campaigns across the board.His knowledge and insight towards the platform are really remarkable and he was easily able to point out low-hanging fruits as well as high-key strategies to help us optimize our campaigns.If you're looking for someone to manage and scale your Google Ads, you can put your trust in Collin to do that well for you!"

Linus Tan

"Impossible not to understate how well-versed Collin is with Google Ads. The amount of value you can get from just a 15-minute call is incredible. If you're looking to break away from a cookie-cutter agency and engage someone who tailors a strategy to get you results, Collin & The Team at Schmelebeck PPC are your guy(s)!"

Michael Fisher
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Mid-Day Squares

We helped Mid-Day Squares achieve a never before seen return on ad-spend which allowed them to break into the protein bar industry. Not just seeing online success but beginning to secure in-store deals...

Return on Ad Spend
Ranking in Protein Bars
Glew Analytics

In just 2 months we were able to lower the customer acquisition costs by 40%. While still remaining at the top of the market against industry leading competitors...

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Personalized PPC Performance Package

  • Complete Website Review To Improve Conversion Rates
  • Review Current Google Analytics Data
  • Build a Suspension Proof Google Merchant Account
  • Install Google Tag Manager To Track Conversions
  • Install Shopify Dynamic Remarketing Tools
  • Optimize Product Data For Algorithm Success
  • Review Past Google Ad Data To Align With Future Goals
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